About SwiftRize™️

Swiftrize ™️ is an innovative health and wellness company that is changing nightlife with its groundbreaking new pill, Blast!. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients helps boost energy and focus while enhancing listening pleasure.

blast! is specially made to amplify the effects of electronic music and gives your nighttime activities a powerful start. blast! contains scientifically developed ingredients designed to give you more energy and focus during electronic music shows.

SwiftRize ™️ is an initiative of Tobias van der Avort. As the owner of fitplein.nl and bodybuilding.nl, I helped hundreds of thousands of people with their energy and health in the period from 2002 to 2016.

Precisely because energy and health are so important to me, last year at festivals and parties I wondered out loud why there are no pills and powders to start and keep dance parties full of energy? And is that possible WITHOUT the disadvantages of alcohol or synthetic substances the days after?!

With strength and health always on my mind, both during the week and just after a weekend out, I started thinking about what could possibly be used as the basis for this dance pill.

There is so much potential in sports supplements - if only there was a way to turn it into something that could noticeably and tangibly give people more energy, focus and clarity...as well as improve their perception of music. That's where SwiftRize™️'s ' Blast ' formula was born!

My personal mission is to bring about a (r)evolution in partying (but also to use with gaming, studying or performing) without the disadvantages of hangovers or other substances. So join me on the path to an exciting new take on partying that leaves you feeling great afterwards!

Try it today and experience the difference the range of Swiftrize™️ dance capsules can make.